Personal Action Plans

Action Plans will help you take your understanding of Joyce's teachings to a whole new level. These personal study kits include Audio and Video teachings, personal workbooks, and other support materials to help you gain deeper knowledge and understanding.

Mind Connection, Power of Words, Beauty for Ashes, Battlefield of the Mind, Making Good Habits, Fruit of the Spirt and Developing Power Thoughts action plan books
A Bible Study of James Action Plan overview


Developing a Living Faith for a Successful Christian Life

The book of James has so many valuable things to say about living a successful Christian life—a life of faith that not only brings us joy but also brings tremendous glory to God and blesses the lives of others.

So, are you ready to build your faith? You can, and God’s Word can help you do it! Join Joyce as she walks with you, chapter by chapter, through the book of James in this Bible study format.

A Bible Study of Ephesians Action Plan overview


Knowing Who You Are in Christ and Learning How to Live in Him

Are you ready for lasting change? It is possible, and it all begins with your thinking. Because when you choose positive, faith-filled thoughts from God’s Word, it brings transformation into every area…and improves your life in amazing ways.

Join Joyce as she walks with you through the book of Ephesians in a Bible Study format—chapter by chapter and sometimes verse by verse—for the first time!

Mind Connection Action Plan overview

The Mind Connection

Discover the Roadmap to Healthier Thoughts and Everything Else Will Change

Our thoughts affect everything! They influence the words we speak, our moods and attitudes, the decisions we make, and even the quality of our relationships.

In this action plan, Joyce teaches how you can learn to renew your mind with God’s Word and begin to think like He thinks...starting a chain reaction that will transform every single area of your life.

Power of Words Action Plan overview

Power of Words

Learn to Tame Your Tongue and Speak God’s Word over Your Life

Of all God’s gifts, the gift of speech is perhaps the most beautiful and powerful. At the same time, when our tongues go “unbridled,” our speech can tear down and destroy instead of being the life-giving force God intended.

The good news is we don’t have to be controlled by our tongues. With the Holy Spirit’s help, we can overcome the “mouth traps” that sabotage us, and learn to speak hope, love and God’s life-giving promises over our lives and those around us.

Beauty for Ashes Action Plan overview

Beauty for Ashes

You Don’t Have to Be a Prisoner of Your Painful Past!

Whatever hurts you have suffered—rejection, abuse, disappointment, failure—God doesn’t want you to stay stuck in the quicksand of bitterness, sadness and regret. With the Holy Spirit’s help, and these personal teachings from Joyce, The Beauty for Ashes Action Plan can help you change your perspective on the past and experience life as God intended: joyful, passionate and filled with purpose.

Battlefield of the Mind Action Plan overview

Battlefield of the Mind

An Action Plan to Help You Win the Battle in Your Mind

Based on her classic bestselling book Battlefield of the Mind, Joyce’s action plan features all-new teachings to help you understand the enemy’s strategy to break down your defenses and steal your joy. Prepare to go deep with God to examine faulty beliefs, thoughts and attitudes that may be keeping you from a victorious life in Christ.

Making Good Habits Action Plan overview

Making Good Habits Breaking Bad Habits

A Practical Step-by-Step Plan for a Brand New Life

It doesn’t take a miracle to change, only a step... a step of faith.

If you’ve always wanted to tackle a bad habit, but didn’t know where to start, this is a good place. With this teaching, you can replace bad habits with good ones. Put your faith into action and allow God’s grace to meet your courage and watch as amazing changes occur in your life.

Fruit of the Spirit Action Plan overview

Fruit of the Spirit

An Action Plan to Water God's Word in Your Life & Relationships

The fruit of the Spirit was planted in your heart when you accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior, but how do you develop it?

This study will help you sink deep roots into God’s Word so you can experience a true “heart” connection with Him.

Developing Power Thoughts Action Plan overview

Developing Power Thoughts

An Action Plan to Renew Your Mind & Transform Your Life

This personal study kit takes what you learned in Joyce's Best-selling book Power Thoughts to a whole new level.

This personalized action plan will help you identify negative, self-defeating attitudes and replace them with thoughts that empower you in every decision, relationship and challenge you face.